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Draft Kings NFL Strategy

Do you want to earn more money with your daily fantasy sports lineups? Here is a list put together of NFL Draftkings optimizer and ideas for GPP tournaments below. This NFL strategy guide was written with Draft Kings in mind, but the majority of the methods may be used on other sites as well.

Get to Know the Scoring System

You undoubtedly have a rough understanding of how fantasy scoring works, but each daily fantasy site will use its own system. Each catch or reception earns the player a full point in Draft Kings. This is referred to as a 1 PPR league.

This implies that while selecting your players, you should consider metrics like as targets and catches. A receiver with two catches for 100 yards is less useful than one with ten catches for 100 yards.

Take Advantage of “Late Swap”

Other sites would lock the roster after the first game, but Draft Kings allows you to switch out players up to kickoff. Late swaps are a fantastic alternative because players are often game-time choices in many sports, and nothing is more frustrating than rostering an injured player.

The first approach to use late swap is to make sure that the player with the later start time is in your flex position, so that if you need to replace him, you may do so with any of the skill positions. Let’s suppose you have Antonio Brown in your starting lineup for the Monday Night Football matchup. Put him in your flex position so that if he gets the illness on Monday morning, you can replace him with a WR, RB, or TE from the Monday Night game instead of being forced to choose a WR.

The second approach to use late swaps in a Draft Kings plan is to modify the player based on your performance in the battle. Let’s assume you’re well out of the money in a match, but your lineup includes a Monday Night player. If you consider they’ll be heavily possessed and you won’t be capable of making up enough ground even if he has a great night, switch him out for a player with extremely low ownership in the hopes of a breakout performance from that player.

Correlated Plays

Because there is a link between the points your QB will earn and the points their receivers will get, you will almost always want to match your QBs with one of their targets. If your quarterback had a good game, your receiver is likely to have a strong day as well. You are raising your risk a little by doing this, but the payoff is well worth it in GPP events.

Use Vegas Lines

While it comes to totals, team totals, and even spreads, Vegas bookmakers and savvy bettors know what they’re doing, and you should always check into their totals, team totals, and even spreads when conducting your weekly homework.

If a team’s team total is set at 27.5 points for a week, the players on that team are likely to score more fantasy points than those on a club with a team total of 14.5. Of course, Draft Kings’ price reflects this, but you should constantly keep an eye on the lines.