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The Best and Fashionable Riding Boots

A boot is made to be used for many purposes of riding. The classic boots come high enough on the legs to prevent the leathers of the saddle so that the legs don’t get pinched, it has a sturdy toe to protect the rider’s foot when it is on the ground, and it also has a distinct heel to prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup. The modern boots are relatively low heeled, and the heel is less than one inch. The boots need to prevent your foot from slipping in the stirrup.

Variety in Riding Boots

There are several different styles of riding boots that are available like field boots, dress boots, hunt boots, and paddock boots. Field boots are traditionally worn by high-ranked officers these boots have lacing in the vamps, which allows the rider to have a comfortable ride. Dress boots don’t have lacing in the ankle and its generally stiffer, these boots are worn by the dressage riders, and the show jumpers also wear these boots. These boots are black, the hunt boots are the same as dress boots but it has a cuff at the top, it is also black it is most preferable for male riders.

More on the Boots

Paddock boots are known as Jodhpur boots, these are short boots and their length is just up to the ankle. It is also preferable for pleasure riding and daily use. These are frequently worn by the children. Field boots have an extra layer of leather it is also known as a toe cap. Zip on boots are current styles now it has a zip on the backside of the boots, this zip system makes it easy for you to remove the boot. The western riders wear cowboy boots.

Fashion of the Boots

The tallest cowboy boots are seldom which is visible outside of the fashion venues it reaches nearly your knees. It looks fashionable, and you can also wear it for daily riding to have the best pleasure of riding. The English riding boots are made with smooth leather. It is usually made up of cow skin and pigskin. Most of the boots have classic looks and you can also ride the horse while wearing these boots. For casual riding, many of you like to wear a good quality riding boot.

Perfect Boot Material

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